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My Liver Transplant done in - 18/04/2002

My mobile rang about 10:00 pm of 17-04-2002 while I was watching TV.

That was the transplant coordinator of St Vincents Hospital in Dublin telling me that a suitable Liver had arise for me and that I had one hour to get ready as one ambulance is going to pick me up.

Although I was waiting for this call for one year you are never really ready and for some moments I've questioned myself if that call really happened......

My Transplant was going to take place in Kings College Hospital, and I was very impressed with all the organization and how quick they take me from Dublin to London. It was like being a "VIP" for one night as I got carried away from the ambulance to the military plain and in Heathrow to another ambulance in less than 3 hours I was in the hospital bed doing tests.
My tests were fine, but they still have to retest the organ, at this stage everything can be canceled.

But everything went well and the operation started at 9:00 am of 18-04-2002, I've waked up at 04:00 pm in Intensive care.
In the day after I've walked my first steps and felt myself improving everyday.

While I was in the Hospital recovering I remember thinking that now that all the painful waiting is over I'm going to have my life back.
A enormous will of set foot on all those projects delayed by this transplant is growing inside of me, every day that goes is better that the one before, this makes me look at the future with hope and joy.

I know that I also have to take it easy especially in the beginning but the idea of loving, having children and grow old is now a reality and that's very important to keep me going.

My Father never prepared me for this, but I think that the time has finally arrived; it's time to let him rest and say good-bye.
He must be has proud of me as I always was proud of him, and in the few years we spent together a lot I've learn from him and many good memories I keep in my heart for the years to come.

I would like to say thanks to all the ones that helped me thought out this process in so many ways and especially to my mother and my wife.


Pedro Soares

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